Warranty & Return Policy

Warranty Policy
Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. warrants that all products for sale are free from defects and are manufactured from new and fresh material only. Our quality assurance program ensures all raw materials, including chemicals, are inspected for quality at time of receipt. Where applicable, test reports, such as mill test reports, hydrostatic test reports, stress test reports, etc., are kept on file and are available at customer’s request.

This warranty is valid for twelve (12) months, unless otherwise specified, after date of shipment and only covers defects in workmanship. Furthermore, this warranty is only for the replacement or credit of item, once deemed by Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. or company’s representative to be defective. Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. requires that any questionable item be returned to Pigs Unlimited International, Inc., at customer’s expense, for inspection and to ascertain fault. Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. has final word on determination if item is defective. If found not to be defective, item will be returned, at customer’s request and customer’s expense. Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. will offer all proof possible to illustrate why item is not defective. This may include test reports, industry papers, or letter written by Pigs Unlimited International, Inc.’s management.
This warranty does not cover:

• Normal wear and tear, common to all pigs and pigging-related items, experienced during use.
• Misuse, abuse, or misapplication by customer.
• Loss or damage during shipping.
• The effectiveness of a pig or pigging-related item. Use of any pig – even item recommended by Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. – is at customer’s risk and full responsibility.
• Improper storage techniques by customer or other.
• Defective third-party components. If item sold by Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. contains, in whole or in part, components manufactured by other, Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. is not responsible for defective part. Depending on circumstances, Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. will do all possible to aid customer with replacement or credit from third-party vendor.
• Cosmetic flaws. This pertains to minor imperfections or variances that have no bearing to the performance of the item, but are for cosmetic purposes only. These include color of paint, pigment or other, minor entrapped air bubbles in molded products, pitting on steel pipe and plate components, etc. It must be understood that some products are hand-made and that one may differ slightly from another, but will still perform within industry standards.
• Rental equipment. It is understood, and agreed at time of rental, that rental equipment is not warranted.
Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. takes great pride and care in the products we manufacture. If at any time a product is found not to be within industry standards or customer expectations, please contact us so that we may discuss concerns.

Return Policy
All returns (whether for exchange or credit) must include a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA Number). Items also must be in resalable condition with packing slip and all applicable documentation, including manuals, installation instructions, test reports, etc., before credit or exchange will be considered.
Unless return is due to fault on Pigs Unlimited International, Inc.’s part, (i.e. shipping incorrect item, incorrect size, not adhering to customer specifications, etc.), customer is responsible for return inbound freight, in addition to original outbound freight.
Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. is unable to accept the return for exchange or credit of any of the following:

• Special manufactured item. This includes, but is not limited to, any product that is beyond the norm of Pigs Unlimited International, Inc.’s standard range of product models, such as special diameters, lengths, configurations, etc. Even though we are capable of manufacturing any style of pig imaginable, the demand for a pig with your special dimensions or design is almost nil.
• Items that are not in resalable condition. Even if the appearance is only cosmetic and does not affect the performance of the item, we are unable to accept return. As with your original purchase, you expect a “new” product, free from defects in workmanship and appearance.
• Large quantity orders. We will work with you the best we can on the quantity we are able to authorize return, but we cannot be responsible for over-ordering of products. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine quantities needed to perform work.
• Item without a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number. When requesting a return, we outline all responsibilities before giving a RMA number. This ensures that our policy is fully understood and accepted.
For all acceptable returns, a restocking fee in the amount of 25% will be assessed. If item is deemed by Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. to be a high-demand item, the 25% restocking fee may be reduced or waived entirely.