In addition to manufacturing, Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. offers a wide array of pigging and pigging-related services.
Some of these include:

Pipeline Cleaning
Our cleaning division performs all types of cleaning procedures, including new construction, online, progressive, and chemical for the oil & gas, municipalities & mining, chemical & petrochemical, food & beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. We’re capable of performing cleaning operations on pipelines with product impurities, excessive buildup, sand and other heavy sediment buildup, and fine debris accumulation.

Pig Tracking
Pig tracking services can be performed on any pigging application, from 2” to 60” pipelines, with no limit to length or terrain. Detailed reports are supplied after the job, with information such as pig speed and pressure charts that are key in pointing out possible problem areas in your pipeline.

Our team utilizes two types of tracking services:

Start-N-Stop – which confirms successful launch and retrieval. If the pig becomes stuck, pig locating is performed to find where the problem lies. This technique is primarily used on short-run pipelines.

Leap-Frog – which entails having two members posted on the line at different intervals. After pig passage has been detected at first post, the second operator is notified. At that point, the first operator is dispatched to a point past the second operator, and the procedure is repeated until pig is successfully received. This method is preferred, especially for long-run pipelines, because it is quicker to locate a pig within two half-mile posts, rather than the entire length of an 80-mile pipeline.

Pigging Consultation
Pigging consultation can be offered for various needs, such as, selection of the best-suited pig, frequency of pigging procedures, as well as, the best pigging procedure. Our staff has experience in numerous fields and applications and recommend accordingly for your application.

Field supervision
Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. is available for supervision of field operations. If you are wanting to utilize your equipment versus contracting a service company, but are unsure of using pigs, we can be contracted to supervise operations and instruct personnel of what types of pigs to use and what type of pigging procedure to adopt. This will ensure that the line has been cleaned properly.

On-site inspection
We are capable of providing on-site inspection for verifying another cleaning company has performed satisfactory services. This service also is available for determining what type of service would be best to clean your pipeline.

Troubleshooting is provided for use with our (or any other manufacturers pigs). Although using pigs is fairly easy, sometimes the wrong pig is used on an application, and problems ensue. We are available to give recommendations on not only the correct pig for an application, but to also aid in troubleshooting the current problem.

Training Seminars
Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. also offers pigging seminars for training customers and distributors about pigs and pigging. These detailed classes include information regarding:

      • Pigging Applications
      • Pig Selection
      • Pig Capabilities, Limitations, Performance and Effectiveness
      • Launching & Receiving Procedures
      • Pigging-Related Accessories
      • Pigging Basics and Theory
      • Various Pigging Procedures
      • Developing and Implementing a Routine Maintenance Pigging Program

These sessions are designed to instruct attendees of the appropriate applications of the varying types of pigs including foam pigs, steel-mandrel pigs, solid-cast pigs, spheres, dual-diameter pigs, and special design or hybrid pigs.Other topics of discussion also include intelligent pigging, utility cleaning pigs, utilizing engineering firms, caliper pigs, tracking pigs, and risk assessment of existing pipelines with the new government regulations being passed.Classes are available for groups as few as one or as many as one hundred. The location for classes can be at customer facility or local exhibit hall. Certification of course completion can be performed for company documentation.

Layout and Design
Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. offers assistance in layout and design for plant design, launcher and receiver design and other applications. Our expertise is geared towards ensuring that plants and other piping and fittings, (valves, tees, ells, etc.) are properly configured for optimum pigging efficiency.

Time and Material Quotes
Time and material quotes are based on services to be performed. We offer quotations for our products as well, but the time and material quotes offer you a budgetary idea of what a particular service is to cost. We want our customers to see that our pricing for our services is as attractive as our pricing on our products.

Cost and Savings Analysis
We also offer cost and savings analysis for various services we perform, as well as, other applications including implementing a routine pigging program, flow characteristics after cleaning a pipeline, etc.

Contract Manufacturing
Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. is willing to manufacture products under contract manufacturing. We are capable of producing pipeline pigs and pigging-related items under “private label”. We also are willing to produce products not related to pigging, but that require raw materials that we currently use, including steel, foam, polyurethane, etc.

Special Design
We are able to design pigs and pigging-related items to be used in special applications where standard products are not capable of performing. We have recently designed patented pigs and helped others with patented designs.

Caliper Pig Services
With recent governmental regulations, the demand for caliper pigging services has increased drastically. We offer complete caliper services for determining bend radius, geometric surveys, and wall-thickness verification during pre-inspection and online applications. We are able to determine areas with reductions due to dents, buckles, wrinkles, flat spots and our-of-roundness.


Intelligent Pigging Services

PICTURE OF INTELLIGENT PIG (740 x 225 @ 72 dpi)

External MFL Corrosion-Defect Tool (GIP)

PICTURE OF GIP (740 x 225 @ 72 dpi)

Internal Corrosion Mapping

PICTURE OF PORCUPINE PIG (740 x 225 @ 72 dpi)

For any additional information or for a quote, please use the RFQ page, complete the form and send to us.  We will contact you as soon as possible to assist you with your pigging needs.


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