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Square Edge Utility Pig

The newest product addition to the Pigs Unlimited line of pipeline cleaning pigs is the Square Edge solid cast utility pig. The Square Edge combines the functionality and features of some of our most effective cleaning pigs.

The main feature that sets it apart is the square edged sealing discs on the body of the pig. The square edge design provides a high seal in the pipeline, provides more aggressive cleaning power, and sets this pig apart from others in the market today. The pig features a solid cast construction which allows added flexibility, a lighter weight than conventional steel pigs, and also eliminates the need for any spare components.

The Square Edge pig is constructed of a high grade abrasion and chemical resistant polyurethane material that is versatile across many applications, and is offered in various durometers to adjust the level of flexibility. The rear sealing cup provides the sealing and driving power needed to move the pig through the pipeline, and a hollow core allows even distribution of pressure along the body of the pig.

For more information, visit the square edge product page: UFDP Square Edge