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Our NEW Portable Non-Intrusive

Pig Detector 
Crafted with aircraft grade aluminum, our new Pig Detectors are designed with simplicity, cost-effectiveness and ease of use in mind. 
-Capable of detecting both industry standard ELF (16Hz - 30Hz) transmitters as well as 
magnets with ultra-high noise immunity.
- Non-Intrusive
- Portable
- High brightness LED's (Visible in direct sunlight)
- Cost effective replacement to Mechanical Detectors

Our NEW line of Transmitters are comparable to the size and strength of other Pipeline Transmitters available in the market today.
 -Available in three sizes, with battery life ranging from 100 hours to 1000 hours
- Buy for the price you would rent
- Packs 3x or more run time than other units.
- Lower financial liability of damaging transmitter.
- Eliminate rental cost
- Brand new Pipeline Transmitter every time.


FDP5 Foam Disc Pig
Conical Cup
GHS Hard Scale Pig
Launcher / Receiver 150 (Sale)
Patriotic Pig
Quick-Opening Closures 300
SCFP Solid-Cup Foam Pig
SPH-8C Coated Foam Sphere
VP-4BR Brush Pig

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