Website FAQ

When registering for a new login, please follow these steps.
1. Click on Register in the upper right corner
2. Fill in the registration form with your information (be sure to use a valid email address)
3. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to confirm your registration
4. Click on this link and you will receive a second email confirming your new login
5. You may now login into the website and enjoy all the new features we have to offer.
If you have tried logging in with your email and password from our previous website, you will find that your previous login no longer works. That previous data could not be transferred. You will find that it is very simple to create a new login and continue to enjoy all the information that we offer on our website.
When you register on our website, you will gain access to additional information.

1. List price on the majority of our products
2. Troubleshooting FAQ
3. Pigging Papers: which contains information on many different pigging applications
4. Technical Data: which includes spec sheets on our various products
5. Case Studies: which contains information on special projects we have completed

The list pricing is found on the individual product pages, and the remaining resources are available under the Resources tab of the main menu.

One main feature that you will notice on every page of our website is our redesigned menu. The new menu allows easy navigation through our various product categories and additional information. There is also a contact form available on the left side of every page. This a quick and easy way to submit any questions you may have at any point while visiting our site.

On our home page you will also notice two new features. In the center of the home screen is a search bar. You will also notice at the top of the screen that we have implemented a translate button. This allows our webpage to be viewed in over 90 languages.

Our website allows logged in user to view list pricing on the majority of our products. The display method for this feature has been condensed into a drop down menu. Gone are the days of scrolling through an entire page of sizes. You simply choose the size or item you are looking for from the drop down menu and the pricing will be displayed if it is available for that product.

Once you have selected a product, you are provided with the opportunity to “Add to Quote”. This is a very exciting new feature that we are implementing. Rather than submitting a contact form with product descriptions, you will now have the ability to send a request for quote directly from our product pages with the products you are searching for automatically included.

One feature that you won’t be able to see right away from your computer is the fact that our new website has been optimized to be mobile friendly. So whether you are on your phone, your tablet, or any screen in between, the features of our website will still be right at your fingertips.

I am very happy to hear that you are interested in utilizing the built in quote request feature. This is a new feature that we are implementing and hope that it becomes a productive tool. It is a very useful tool for requesting product availability, lead times, a formal quote from a member of our sales team, or all of the above.

When you arrive at a product page for any of our pigs, you will see a drop down menu that allows you to choose a specific size. Once you select a size, you will see some additional information. You will see a quantity field, a green button labeled “Add to Quote”, and, if you are logged in, you will see pricing for the product.

If you would like to send us a quote request including the product you are viewing, simply enter a desired quantity and click on “Add to Quote”.

One excellent feature of this tool is that it will not disrupt your navigation within our website. You will notice that on the right side of the page, the pig you just selected has been added to “Your Quote List”. As you continue to navigate through our website, you can add additional items to this quote list.

When you are ready to submit your quote, simply click on “View QuoteList”. Please note that this is only available on the product pages. It will not be cleared if you navigate to a different part of the website, but you will need to be on a product page to see the “Viwe QuoteList” option. On this page, you will need to enter the required information, and then click “Send”. You will receive a confirmation notification at the bottom of the page, and this notifies you that the information has been sent to our sales team.

If you have any question on utilizing this feature, feel free to Contact Us.

We offer you three different options for getting in contact with us through our website. Every webpage will have a “Contact Us” form waiting to be opened on the left hand side of the screen. Simply click on the button and a contact form will open up for you to utilize.

On the Contact Us page you also have the opportunity to fill out a contact form that will be sent to our sales team.

Last, but certainly not least, you can also utilize the “Request for a Quote” feature found when you add products to your quote list.

You can find contact information for our office and staff on the Contact Us page, and on the Our Team page.