Progressive Cleaning

Our client had a problem of large build up, so they started the process of Progressive pigging. Progressive pigging is a special method for pigging lines with reduced internal diameters. This method of pigging is necessary due to the fact that most pigs cannot accommodate extreme reductions. Also, trying to remove a large amount of buildup from a line with a single pig can spell certain disaster by completely plugging the line. Before
Our client started with a STUD pig that was smaller the the pipe ID. By increasing the diameter of the pigs and repeating the above three steps, we continue pigging until reaching the full internal diameter of the pipe. stud
Once the sludge is cleaned it, it was time to clean the scale off of the lines. The client choose to use our TW for scraping to an absolute bare surface in the steel line. Internal Scale
Total-Wire wirebrush pigs are constructed of heavy density foam, coated with polyurethane elastomer, and equipped with total coverage in wirebrush straps. They are used for maximum cleaning applications for buildup removal. tw-lg
It is a dirty job but our pigs get the line clean. Here is a picture of everything removed from the line. Scale Removed
The last stage of progressive pigging is to run a line-size medium-density bare pig to perform a final sweep of the line removing any loose debris. By adopting a routine pigging program, progressive pigging shou1d not be needed again to clean the line. After Cleaning