The Process Pigging System (Overview and Download)

The Product Displacement Pig (PDP), coupled with the Process Pigging System, allows for the recovery of “normally wasted” product that is lost during product changeover.

This unique system can be utilized in the loading/unloading area, processing area, packaging area, blending area, storage area, and transportation lines in the following industries:

  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Oil and Gas
  • Ink and Paint
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Grease and Lube
  • Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical

With proper design, the Process Pigging System minimizes cross contamination between product batches, reduces the need for dedicated lines, reduces down-time during product changeover, and minimizes amount of solvents needed in between batches, thus resulting in enormous savings.

The following diagram is an overview flow diagram of a typical processing plant illustrating the various areas where the PDP Product Displacement Pig can be used. By utilizing three-way valves, pig switches, and pigging tees, dedicated lines for multiple-product use is minimized.

Please click the “Start” button below to begin the animation illustrating how the Process Pigging System can help a processing plant run more efficiently and cost effectively.

Also, you may download our PowerPoint Presentation, which illustrates in more detail the overall theme as well as the individual components. Please note that this presentation may take several minutes to download (depending on your internet connection). When link is clicked, a new window will open, and even though status bar may state “done”, please wait until presentation begins. Because of this, we recommend clicking the download link and then viewing the following animation while waiting.

Furthermore, by printing the following flow diagrams and making changes to better suit your application, we can offer a formal quotation once pages are forwarded to us via fax or email.

Please note that the following animation has been greatly simplified to convey theory of the Process Pigging System. Implementation of three-way valves and other fittings (not shown) may be required in order to achieve the illustrated product flows.