Brush Cleaning Pigs

Brush Cleaning PigsBrush cleaning pigs are used during pre-commission and on-stream cleaning where rust, mill scale, sand, wax, organic growth, mud, oxides, and other foreign matter exist. Sizes range from 2″ through 48″, with brush configurations including wire wheel, split-ring, wrap-around, and spring-loaded.

  • ARP Brush Cleaning Pig

    ARP Brush Cleaning Pig

  • crb-lg

    CRB Cleaning Pig

  • csb-lg

    CSB Cleaning Pig

  • csb2-lg

    CSB-2 Brush Cleaning Pig

  • lrb-lg

    LRB Cleaning Pig

  • srbu-lg

    SRB Cleaning Pig

  • wwb-lg

    WWB Cleaning Pig