Steel Mandrel Pigs

Steel Mandrel PigsSteel pigs are a more long-term, long-life pig. They consist of a steel mandrel body with easily replaceable sealing elements (cups and discs) and can be equipped with various brush types (spring-loaded, circular, wrap-around) for removing deposits on the interior pipe wall. Standard configurations include cup, disc, multi-disc, conical cup, and various combinations. Various options are also available, such as adding or substituting a cup or disc, special lengths and diameters, gauging plates, articulated joints, transmitter cavities, and magnet packs. The advantage of steel pigs is the ability to replace the wearing components (cups, discs, brushes, etc.), thereby rendering it a new pig.

Displacement Pigs (Disc Type)


Models BGD-2, BGD-4

Batching Pigs (Cup Type)


Models BGC-2, BGC-3, BGC-4

Brush Cleaning Pigs



ARP Brush Cleaning Pig


Model ARP

Multi-disc Pigs


Models MD, MDB

Articulated Pigs


Models CSB-J, SRB-J

Dual-Diameter Pigs


Models DDP

Conical Cup Pigs


Models VP-2BA, VP-3BA, VP-4BA, VP-2BL, VP-3BL, VP-4BL, VP-4BA, VP-4BL, VP-4BR