Solid-Cast Utility Pigs

Solid-Cast Utility PigsThe one-piece design utility series of solid-cast pigs are primarily used for product removal, batching, hydrostatic testing, and removal of paraffin, debris, or other buildup. Because they are lighter in weight than conventional steel pigs, these utility pigs are capable of making longer and more efficient runs. They are able to negotiate tight-radius bends as well as varying internal diameters of the nominal same size pipe. Various cup and disc configurations are available and can be adapted to accommodate brushes for cleaning applications.

  • ufcp-lg

    UFCP Cup Type

  • product-placeholder

    UFCP-W Cup Type (with Brushes)

  • ufdp-lg

    UFDP Disc Type

  • UFDP-W

    UFDP-W Disc Type (with Brushes)


    UFDPSE – Square Edge Disc