Foam Disc Pigs

The FDP series of foam disc pigs are an excellent pig for all types of batching and product removal applications. Models are available in medium and heavy density foam. The unique design offers multiple discs for unsurpassed sealing capabilities. Alternate variations of this pig include rear sealing cup, as well as special lengths and diameters for unique applications, including dual-diameter.

  • foam5disc5-lg

    FDP5 Foam Disc Pig

  • foamdisc-lg

    FDP8 Foam Disc Pig

  • fwp5-lg

    FWP5 Foam Wiping Pig

  • fwp5w-lg

    FWP5W Foam Wiping with Brush

  • fwp8-lg

    FWP8 Foam Wiping Pig

  • fwp8w-lg

    FWP8W Foam Wiping with Brush