Bare Foam Pigs

barefoamBare foam pigs are primarily used for drying and sweeping of loose debris, gauging of internal pipe conditions prior to extensive pigging, sealing behind a stuck pig, batching operations, and product removal. Models are available in light (1-2 lbs/ft3), medium (5-7 lbs/ft3), and heavy (8-10 lbs/ft3) density foam. The pigs are constructed from an open-cell polyurethane foam with a durable polyurethane elastomer coating on base.

  • cyl-lg

    CYL Light-Density Cylinders

  • hb-lg

    HB Heavy-Density Bare Pig

  • lb-lg

    LB Light-Density Bare Swab

  • mb-lg

    MB Medium Density Bare Pig