Foam Pigs

barefoamFoam pigs are a versatile type of pipeline cleaning device. They are used for drying, cleaning, batching, and product removal operations. A few of the industries utilizing foam pigs are the oil and gas, municipality, food and beverage, mining, chemical and petrochemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. Because they are lightweight and flexible, foam pigs are able to negotiate uncommon piping, fittings, and valves. Standard sizes range from 2″ to 60″, with foam density options including light (1-2 lbs/ft3), medium (5-7 lbs/ft3), and heavy (8-10 lbs/ft3) density foam. Common configurations include bare, criss-cross, wire-brush, plastic bristle, and silicon carbide. With various design options such as double-dish, double-nose, special coating patterns (single-spiral, turning pattern, totally coated, etc.), custom lengths and diameters, pulling/handling ropes or cables, bypass jets, and transmitter cavities. Special configurations can be designed for unique pigging applications. For more technical information, please review the downloadable specification sheets found in our technical data section.

Bare Foam Pigs

Models CYL, LB, MB, HB

Coated Foam Pigs

Models LC, LC-SS, MC, MC-SS, HC, HC-SS

Brush Foam Pigs

Models LW, MW, HW, GHS, TW

Plastic Bristle Foam Pigs

Models LP, MP, HP, TWP

Foam Disc Pigs

Models FDP5, FDP8, FWP5, FWP8

Silicon Carbide Foam Pigs

Models LS, MS, HS

Special Design Foam Pigs


Foam Spheres

Models SPH-5B, SPH-5C, SPH-5S, SPH-5P, SPH-5W, SPH-8B, SPH-8C, SPH-8S, SPH-8P, SPH-8W