Thank you for your consideration in being a distributor for Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. We greatly appreciate the opportunity and look forward to having you in our family of successful distributors. Before proceeding however, we feel it necessary to outline what is to be expected of our distributors and in turn what we offer.

Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. seeks very aggressive distributors to promote our products, rather than companies that wait for an inquiry to come across their desks. In order to achieve this, we offer very aggressive resale discounts, expedient shipping, superb quality, and a knowledgeable staff to assist you with all technical aspects so that you may be the successful bidder against the competition.

We do not offer exclusive territorial agreements and in return we do not restrict you to exclusively purchase from us. We ask that you contact us first for all inquiries for pigs and pigging related products, but we understand that if we are unable to offer your customer the product that is needed in the time that it is required, you may need to seek the product elsewhere to accommodate your customer’s needs. We have found over the years that exclusivity does not promote aggressive sales techniques. This is not to say that we do not protect our distributor’s efforts in selling our brand of pigs and pigging-related products. We feel it necessary for our distributors to establish and maintain an open line of communication with us, so that we may better assist them in making sure they secure the order.

Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. does not solicit business from end users on a direct basis internationally. We know and appreciate the power and the need for local distributors. If we receive an inquiry from an end user in an established distributor’s territory, we will forward the inquiry directly to our distributor, along with our quotation for the requested products to be forward to the end user. However, it must be understood that in this day and age with email/internet capabilities, more and more companies are able to find many sources for which to have quotes offered on their inquiries, rather than only contacting local suppliers. Therefore, if an inquiry is released for bid from an end user in the Middle East, it may be sent to manufacturers and distributors in Europe, the Far East and to the United States as well — some of which may be our local domestic distributors. We are obligated to quote these other distributors and extend to them their standard discounts for resale. This is where communication from our distributors is vital.

If our distributor has communicated to us that they are working on an inquiry in their geographic area, then when it has been released for bids, we will be on alert for such an inquiry being sent to us from other areas of the world. In the example mentioned above, we try to take steps to further protect our local distributor by possibly offering larger discounts so that they may have the competitive edge. Again, it must be understood however that this may not always be possible. As stated, we offer a very aggressive excellent discount structure that cannot be matched by other manufacturers, not to mention our list pricing is below our competition as well, so as to give our distributors every chance of success.

We understand this approach is not one common to other manufacturers, but it works. We would be happy to supply anyone interested in becoming one of our distributors a list of referrals of some of our current distributors that they may speak with to verify our business ethics. One of the reasons we have been so successful is because we are not like other manufacturers. We want you to be successful. If you are successful, then we as a team are successful. We are open to discuss any concerns you may have regarding distributorship and you will find we are very understanding and can be very accommodating to your viewpoint and your individual circumstances.

We keep a larger inventory of pigs than any other manufacturer (and even several combined) so that we can offer the best delivery for the most common pigs, which in turn allows us to accommodate RUSH orders and SPECIAL pigs. By having the most common sizes and styles in stock, we are able to quickly fill orders and accommodate special requests with quick production times.

What about quality? On our About Us page, you will find a list of our customers and distributors. Within those names you will find a few competitors as well. We sell a lot of pigs and pigging-related items to competitors for items they do not make. So, what does that say about our quality? If a competitor is willing to buy from us and put their name on our product to sell it as their own, we believe that is one of the highest levels of customer satisfaction for price, service, and quality that one can receive.

As for promotional products, (brochures, flyers, etc.), Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. offers these at no charge to our distributors. Technical assistance for inquiries and orders alike are also at no charge. Visits to Pigs Unlimited International, Inc.’s facilities are encouraged, but not necessary to begin promoting and selling our products. The same is true for carrying inventory. We recommend that once you become established in selling our products that you carry an inventory to cover the immediate needs of your current customer base, but it is not necessary to carry inventory.

Thank you again for your interest in Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. and we hope you will join our successful team of distributors. We look forward to working with you in building and maintaining a long and prosperous relationship between our companies.