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Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. Our mission is to be a leader and innovator of comprehensive pigging products and services in the pigging industry and to service our customers with 100% satisfaction.

Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. is dedicated to serving the pipeline industry by solving the pigging needs of our customers. We not only strive to meet the expectations of our customers, but exceed them. We are constantly striving to find new ways to offer the best pig at the best price, coupled with unsurpassed service.

Our company was founded in 1995 with the intent of providing our customers with an all-inclusive line of pigging products. Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. currently manufactures all styles of pigs (foam, steel, and solid-cast) as well as spare components (cups, discs, and brushes). Our main goal is to provide our customers with the most complete line of pigs and pigging products. This is accomplished by maintaining full pig manufacturing capabilities, as well as maintaining relationships with industry leading pigging product vendors.

Made-in-the-USA Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. is proud to say that since our inception, all of our pigs have been manufactured in the USA, and that has not changed. From our one location in Tomball, TX we can manufacture all styles of pigs and are able to service a worldwide customer base.

Since their conception, pigs have been cleaning pipelines in the oil and gas industry for well over one hundred years. Now, pigs have branched into other industries, such as municipalities, power plants, mining, refineries, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, food and beverage, and cosmetic and pharmaceutical. Also, over the years pigs have evolved from basic “plugs” to being fairly sophisticated pipeline cleaning devices. Standard sizes range from 2″ to 48” (but larger sizes can easily be designed and manufactured), and they can be manufactured in varying lengths, diameters, styles and configurations to best suit the customer’s application.

Of the many pigs we offer, our line of foam pigs, with sizes ranging from 2″ to 48″, are available in standard designs of bare swabs, criss-cross, wirebrush, silicon carbide, plastic bristle, and total-wire designs. Our foam mixing and pouring machines allow us to offer light, medium, and heavy densities, as well as, special densities for unique applications. Our abrasive series of foam pigs for cleaning applications, include standard carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, silicon carbide (in loose grit or bonded strap), and plastic bristle for internally coated lines and various plastic pipe types (PVC, fiberglass, HDPE).

Our line of solid-cast pigs include cup-type, disc-type, combination cup-and-disc type, as well as, modular pigs with all individual components of the pig being manufactured from polyurethane. All styles of our utility solid-cast pigs are able to accommodate brushes for cleaning applications and transmitters for tracking applications.

As for steel-mandrel pigs, we manufacture sizes ranging from 2″ to 48″ nominal pipe diameters with configurations including, but not limited to, two-cup, four-cup, two-disc, four-disc, conical-cup, multi-disc, articulated pigs, and pigs with wire brushes or paraffin-removal blades. These pigs can also be equipped with gauging plates, magnets for ferrous debris pickup, and transmitter cavities. We also offer special designs for unique applications.

Complementing our line of steel pigs, Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. is the only full-line pig manufacturer that builds replacement pig brushes in-house. These include carbon steel, stainless steel, and prostran for internally coated lines and plastic pipes. Various design types are wire-wheel, circular-hub, wrap-around, and spring-loaded. Replacement brushes can be manufactured for use with our steel pigs or for other manufacturer’s pigs.

As a standard, our field-proven cups, discs and other polyurethane spare components are manufactured to an 80 Shore A durometer. However, varying durometers can be supplied for other specific customer applications. In addition to our standard polyurethane, other compounds for spare-component construction include neoprene, epdm, buna-n, hypalon, and viton for extreme high-temperature and low-temperature applications, or for special chemical-resistant requirements.

Besides our standard line of pipeline pigs, we also have the capacity and willingness to manufacture specialized products under contract where required by client companies. We appreciate the opportunity to offer our services and look forward to the challenge. Some of these include special pig designs where either private labeling is desired or special designs for applications requiring a new design style of pig.
Additionally, we offer pigging-related products, such as launchers, receivers, pig trackers, pig detectors, closures and pigging valves, as well as, other products directly related to pigging operations.

As for our customers, they span all types of industries all over the globe. In these names, you will see end-users, distributors, service companies, intelligent pigging companies and even competition — for we manufacture pigs and/or components for which they do not. The following is a small sampling of the companies, location, and type of industries we have served. We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied clients.

A to Z User List (Worldwide)

Apache Pipeline Products (Canada)
A & P International (Peru)
Alexander Cardew (England)
Amerada Hess (USA)
ABB Randall (USA)
Baker Oil Tools (USA)
Bechtel Corporation (USA)
BG Inspection Services (USA)
BP Amoco Pipeline (USA)
Chevron Pipeline Co. (USA)
Chin Young (Taiwan)
CMS Energy (USA)
Corrpro Companies (USA)
Diamond Shamrock (USA)
Drinkwater Products (USA)
Duke Energy (USA)
Ecopetrol (Colombia)
Enops Engenharia (Brazil)
Excel Corporation (Mexico)
Exxon Pipeline Co. (USA)
Fluor Daniel (Mexico)
FMC Smith Peco (USA)
Food Process Equipment (USA)
Full-Kote (Canada)
Gasco Engineering (Pakistan)
General Mills (USA)
Girard Industries (USA)
GUPCO (Egypt)
H. Rosen Engineering (USA)
Hershey Chocolate (USA)
Hoff Co., Inc. (USA)
Horton International (USA)
Impsa Andina (Colombia)
Imspeca (Venezuela)
Imperial Rubber (Canada)
Independent Technical Ser (U.A.E.)
Inline Services (USA)
ITAS (Norway)
J & B Pipeline Supply (USA)
Jameson Specialties (USA)
John Taylor Fertilizer (USA)
Kellogg / Arco (Algeria)
KN Energy (USA)
Koch Pipeline (USA)
Kodak (Canada)
Lakehead Pipeline (USA)
Lanex Corporation (USA)
Left Hand Brewing Co. (USA)
Maloney Technical Prod. (USA)
Mid-America Pipeline (USA)
Montana Power Co. (USA)
McJunkin (USA)
National Oilwell (USA)
New York Electric & Gas (USA)
Natural Gas Pipeline (USA)
O’Brien Concrete Pumping (USA)
Oil & Gas Equipment (USA)
Oil States Industries (USA)
Pennzoil Petroleum (USA)
Petropig (Brazil)
Petrozim Line Ltd. (Zimbabwe)
Pipetronix (USA)
Petrogreen (Argentina)
Pipeline Service Operations AS (Norway)
P.T. Gemilang (Singapore)
Quality Polly Pig (Canada)
Questar (USA)
Rhacor, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)
Rig Equipment (USA)
Red Man Pipe & Supply (USA)
Rohm & Haas Polymers (USA)
Sabre International (USA)
Shell Oil Co. (USA)
Solvay Minerals (USA)
S.U.N. Engineering (USA)
Startrack Pigging (USA)
Texaco Pipeline Co. (USA)
Texas Gas Transmiss. (USA)
Trinidad Oilfield Supply (Trinidad)
Trouvay & Cauvin (USA)
Tuboscope-Vetco Pipeline (USA)
US Filter (USA)
U.S. Leak Detection (USA)
UPC Multi-Alloy (USA)
Valspar Coatings (USA)
Valve & Instrument Prod. (USA)
Vicchi Engineering (Thailand)
Waste Management (USA)
Western Supplies (USA)
Wilcox Diving & Salvage (USA)
Willbros USA (USA)
Williams Gas Pipeline (USA)
Wilson Walton Int’l. (Australia)
Wilson Supply (USA)
X – Sell Equipment Co. (USA)
Yadco (Egypt)
Zia Natural Gas (USA)

Thank you again for your interest in Pigs Unlimited International, Inc. Please browse through our website to find specific information regarding various products and topics. As always, if we can be of any further assistance in serving your pigging needs, please do not hesitate to contact us for together we can keep…

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